Wealth Enhancement

Tax Planning

Recent tax law changes could be costing you plenty!

Do you know the most important questions you should ask your CPA before you complete another tax return or see another month go by that could be costing you extra tax dollars?

You need these questions answered now, so you can take full advantage of the new rules while you still have time left in this tax year. Here’s just a sampling of the areas to discuss with your accountant and financial representatives.

  • Not all dividends are taxed at the new lower rates. (Do you know which assets qualify for the new rule?)
  • How do the new lower capital gains rates affect you? Will you have phantom income that you need to offset by adjusting your investment portfolio now?
  • How to lower your Social Security taxation now!
  • Is your IRA or qualified plan being penalized and you aren’t even aware of it? (One question will answer this for you.)
  • Why have many of America’s wealthiest investors removed their children’s names as beneficiaries on their annuity contracts? (Don’t worry; the kids can actually get more.)

Also learn:

  • How to reduce your capital gains taxes and estate taxes.
  • How to remove dollars out of your business while reducing your business income tax.
  • How to stop unwanted required minimum distributions (RMDs) while increasing the value of your qualified plan and passing to your beneficiaries in both an income tax and estate tax efficient manner.
  • The most TAX and COST EFFECTIVE way to pass a business on to family members and/or the management teams, where the founder receives FAIR MARKET value for his stock and family members or management team receive funding needed to make this business purchase.

If your current financial representatives have not addressed these issues, imagine what you may be missing out on. These questions need to be discussed now, as waiting until next year means maybe paying too much tax this year. Timing is the key to using the new tax laws to your benefit. Don’t wait until next spring to find out you “could have done” something to cut your taxes now, or that a hidden tax nightmare could be brewing for your heirs.

Become proactive with your tax issues with our 3-Step Review.

Call Advanced Retirement Design, LLC, at 614.602.6506 for a no-obligation 3-Step Review. A simple review may allow you to dramatically reduce your quarterly tax payments or may uncover a windfall for you and your heirs.

Real Estate

If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, commercial property or farm this year, you need to know what to do first so you can be sure the decision is right for you!   

Three important steps should take place before you list your property. Those steps will help you get your financial questions answered before you discuss your real estate questions.

Selling property can be very stressful these days — especially if you want to move to a condo, a senior living facility or an apartment, or if you are considering an alternative investment to your commercial property.

Asking the right questions through a simple financial review process will help you get the right answers before you sell.

Questions like:

  • How will I be able to afford my next lifestyle choice? (A simple formula will ensure your decision is right!)
  • How can I be sure I’ll have enough money? 
  • Is it possible I could have even more money to live on if I make a move?
  • Is my concern about risk in other investments delaying me from listing my home for sale? (Learn how to identify hidden investment risk.)
  • Is my concern about income tax issues delaying my decision to list my home for sale? (A simple tax review will show you what questions to ask your accountant.)

Or if you own commercial property:

  • Are there strategies to lower or eliminate my capital gains tax when I sell?
  • Are there investment alternatives that can offer me a similar rate of return as my rental property without high risk?

These questions, and others you may have, will help you get your financial house in order first. Get peace of mind and knowledge that you’re doing what’s right for you!

Call Advanced Retirement Design, LLC., at 614.602.6506 for a no-obligation consultation that can help you make one of the biggest decisions in your life with confidence, knowledge and security!

This complimentary consultation will help you take control now!!!!! Sell on your terms, without pressure from others.

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