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Where U.S. Economics Stand Globally

From the beginning, President Donald Trump’s economic policies have intended to put “America first.” Since the ultimate goal of such policies is to strengthen America’s economic growth, solve for domestic issues and make the nation more secure, it’s worth a review of how well policy changes are working toward those goals.   According to the…
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China’s Growing Economy

General Motors recently announced the pending closure of three U.S. assembly plants and the discontinuation of six cars made at those plants. While large sedans are no longer big sellers in the United States, they remain popular in China, and GM will continue to manufacture them there.1 China is GM’s largest market; the automaker sells…
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5 Actions that are “Next Level” Adulting

Becoming an adult can be intimidating, overwhelming, and downright confusing but the fact of the matter is, you have to do it in order to be an upstanding citizen in this world. It’s hard to understand exactly what steps to take to get your financial life in check so I’ve put together five simple actions…
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What’s the Deal with Annuities?

One of the most frustrating controversies in the financial services industry relates to annuities. I hear it from both sides: “annuities are terrible and expensive” or “this is the best product for even young investors.” My hope is to debunk the confusion around the concept of an annuity and provide clarity about the product itself,…
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Where to go for Happy Hour: Short North Edition

As I began to brainstorm ideas of what to write about, I couldn’t help but feel drawn to almost everyone’s favorite pastime: happy hour. Whether you’re in grad school with desperate needs to blow off steam or a father of two little ones, most can agree that enjoying a libation at a discounted price tops…
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