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We haven't forgotten about you.

We believe you have a right to customized planning as well as access to the latest financial tools and fresh investment ideas that empower you to work toward the life you imagine. Let us design a plan so you can invest in your future and live in the moment.


We keep things simple.

At Impact Planning, a service offering of ARD Private Client, we approach financial advising a little bit differently. Our simple process determines whether we are a good fit for each other and how we can work together. Bottom line: We are transparent and aren’t going to let you pay if we can’t add value.

After our up-front review, we provide you a simplified, one-page checklist of where we will add value to your life and how we will approach planning. From there, you customize how you want to work with us, and we’ll get things rolling.

Newsflash: Saving for retirement doesn't need to be hard.

We pride ourselves in taking a part of life that can be intimidating and turning it into something simple.

Services we provide

  • Retirement Planning

  • Investment Consulting

  • Goal Planning

  • Investment Management

  • Cashflow Consulting

  • Debt Payoff Consulting

  • Employee-to-Employer Consulting

  • Review of Insurance Protections

  • Education Planning

  • Company Benefits Optimization

  • Employer Retirement Planning

  • Tax Planning

  • Estate Planning

In addition to the services we provide, we partner with industry professionals to bring you an expanded service offering    

How we charge

1\ Determine whether we are a good fit

We sit down with you for a complimentary, no obligation review of your financial situation and take a high-level look at your finances. This helps us decide whether we are mutually a good fit and confirms whether we can truly add value for you. We aren’t going to waste your time and money if it doesn’t make sense.

2\ Decide how to move ahead

If we are a fit, there are a few ways we could work with you:

One-time Plan

  • One-time comprehensive financial plan that includes all of our areas of expertise
  • Cost: $1,400.

Full-Service Subscription

  • Ongoing access to our services, as well as our online financial planning tool
  • 3 prescheduled meetings a year
  • Cost: 3 percent of your income up to a maximum of $100,000 annually, billed monthly and readjusted each anniversary date

Assets Under Management

  • Active management of your accounts and assets (Minimum of $250,000 of investable assets required )
  • Cost: Depending on the size of the accounts we manage for you, we charge of a percentage of assets.

3\ Change your mind? No problem

If you’re ever dissatisfied with the service or don’t want to work with us any longer, simply let us know, and we will terminate our contract. Unlike some financial advisors, we don’t charge a penalty fee if you leave.

Who we are

Our team at Impact Planning, a service offering of ARD Private Client, is dedicated to breaking the stereotype of the financial services industry by helping our generation pursue financial freedom. We are passionate, motivated, and ready to help you reach your goals.

Maddi Napier, MBA Candidate for CFP® Certification

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