Wealth Protection

Asset Protection Planning

Bulletproof your assets from the threat of loss to lawsuits, business reversals, divorce and government regulators with the same powerful, legal strategies used by America’s richest families.

Don’t be a “deep-pocket” target for a frivolous lawsuit or other problem that could have been avoided with a sound, legal, asset protection plan. Don’t try to incorrectly hide or conceal assets, when a properly constructed plan allows you to achieve your protection objective and still have control and use of your assets while being able to fully and truthfully disclose all your financial information.

Long-Term Care

As the oldest baby boomers begin to wind through their 70s, one of the biggest concerns may not be outliving income, but outliving good health. With at-home care services averaging $20 per hour and assisted living facility costs averaging $3,628 per month,1 it’s understandably daunting. Does your retirement income strategy account for this kind of possibility? Would you be prepared for twice that amount as a married couple?

Considering that you could have to reduce your financial means before Medicaid will pay for long-term care and neither your employer group health insurance nor major medical insurance will cover long-term care, you may want to consider planning ahead for these potential expenses.

We can help evaluate your situation and determine what kinds of products could fit into a comprehensive long-term care strategy, one that is suited to your needs and circumstances.

1 Genworth Financial. April 2016. “Genworth 2016 Cost of Care Survey.”  Accessed Aug. 31, 2016.

Business Planning

What if you could put the power of strategic thinking into your business planning?

Imagine having the forward-looking guidance of a highly experienced financial planner to help you with important business decisions that could have a significant effect on your future success.

Now you can! John R. Deitrick, CFP® brings you that experience and focuses his service where you may need it the most.

Areas like:

  • Identifying undiscovered risks to your business
  • Evaluating your best retirement planning options
  • Formulating a business continuation plan