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Founder's Note 12/18/2017- "Bitcoin - Will This Time Be Different?"

Founder's Note 12/11/2017- "The Debt-Fueled Recovery"

Founder's Note 12/4/2017- "Easy Money"

Founder's Note 11/20/2017- "Are High Yield Bonds the Canary in The Coal Mine?"

Founder's Note 11/06/2017- "Are Stock Expensive?"

Founder's Note 10/30/2017- "Assets vs. Investments"

Founder's Note 10/23/2017- "Déjà Vu All Over Again?"

Founder's Note 10/16/2017- "Are Investors Rational?"

Founder's Note 10/9/2017- "Will There Be Another Black Monday?"

Founder's Note 10/2/2017- "How Will Tax Reform Impact The Economy?"

Also Included- "3 Strategies for Handling Estimated Tax Payments"

Founder's Note 9/25/2017- "What can Investors Learn From the Equifax Hack?"

Also included- "What Steps Should You Take?"

Founder's Note 9/18/2017- "What is Private Equity?"

Founder's Note 8/28/2017- "The Death of Active Management"

Founder's Note 8/21/2017- "Are 401(k) loans a good idea?"

Founder's Note 8/14/2017- "Can North Korea Impact Your Nest Egg?"

Founder's Note 8/7/2017"Don't Take The Bait"

Founder's Note 7/31/2017"Are robo-advisors The way of the future?"

Also included- National Parks & Federal Recreation Lands- Lifetime Senior pass for only $10

Founder's Note 07/24/2017   "Will Rising Rates Cause Stock to Crash?"

Also included- Deitrick Family Vacation

Founder's Note 07/18/2017"How's The Market Doing?"

Also included- The Golden Rule

Founder's Note 07/10/2017-  "Would Cash Repatriation Help Boost the Economy?"

Founder's Note 07/04/2017- Happy Fourth of July

Founder's Note 06/26/2017- "Another Bear Market?" - Oil fell into its sixth bear market in the last four years.

Also included- Darwinism in Business

Founder's Note 06/19/2017"5 Challenged Facing Investors"

Also included- Implications for Investors

Founder's Note 06/05/2017"Next Generation Planning"- How to help the next generation plan for retirement.

Founder's Note 05/29/2017-  "Memorial Day" - remember and honor those who have given their lives for our freedom.

Founder’s Notes 05/22/2017 – “A Bitter Rivalry” – How Yale University’s Endowment’s Returns Beats Others like Harvard

Also Included – Household Debt Surpasses 2008 Levels

Founder’s Notes 05/15/2017 – “Should Investors Sell in May?”

Also Included – Tax Implications of Retirement Overseas

Founder’s Notes 05/08/2017 – “Protecting Against Pilot Error”

Also Included – IRD Issues When Inheriting Money

Also Included – IRS Innocent Spouse Relief Rules

Founder’s Notes 05/01/2017 – “Becoming Comfortable with Uncomfortable Investments”

Also Included – Putting the Federal Budget Into Perspective

Founder’s Notes 04/24/2017 – “Why Was the Market Up / Down Today?”

Founder’s Notes 04/10/2017 – “Should Investors Sell All Their Bonds”

Founder’s Notes 04/03/2017 – “The Amazing Power of Dividend Growth”

Founder’s Notes 03/27/2017 – “Should Investors Consider Going Passive?”

Founder’s Notes 03/20/2017 – “Why Are Bank CD Rates Still Low?”

Founder’s Notes 03/13/2017 – “This Love Is A One Way Street” – Concentrated Holdings Are Deadly

Also Included – What is Taxable Income

Founder’s Notes 03/06/2017 – “Will We See A Recession This Year?”

Also Included – Claiming an Elderly Parent or Relative as a Dependent

Founder’s Notes 02/27/2017 – “Don’t Get MADD - Market Attention Deficit Disorder”

Also Included – IRS Tax Scams 2017

Founder’s Notes 02/10/2017 – “Should Investors Fear Margin Debt?”

Also Included – Portfolio Managers Commentary for the Week of 02/03/2017

Founder’s Notes 02/06/2017 – “The Hot IPO for 2017”

Also Included – Portfolio Managers Commentary for the Week of 02/03/2017

Founder’s Notes 01/28/2017 – “Fun Facts for 2017”

Also Included – Portfolio Managers Commentary for the Week of 01/28/2017

Quarterly Update 01/19/2017 – “Global’s Q4 2016 Focus”

Founder’s Notes 01/14/2017 – “The Astrology of Investing”

Also Included – “Tax Changes for 2017: A Checklist”

Also Included – Portfolio Managers Commentary for the Week of 01/14/2017

Founder’s Notes 01/06/2017 – “What’s the Forecast for Stocks this Year?”

Also Included – Portfolio Managers Commentary for the Week of 01/06/2017

Founder’s Notes 12/28/2016 – “Global Market Outlook 2017”

Founder’s Notes 12/17/2016 – “Will We See a Santa Claus Rally?”

Also Included – Portfolio Managers Commentary for the Week of 12/17/2016